Report Card Definitions
ALPS Profile
ALPS is an Advanced Level Performance System which allows classroom teachers to set aspiration and challenging targets for students. The profile is based on the national set of A level, AS and Advanced Btec qualifications taken in 2018. The grades are not subject specific but are based on the performance of students with similar GCSE results.

A Levels are graded A*-E;
BTECs D*/D (Distinction)/M(Merit)/P(Pass);
GCSEs 9-1

There are 2 grades for each course
  • Minimum Expected Grade: generated by the student’s GCSE results and their ALPS profile. This is fixed
  • Current Grade: this is the teacher’s assessment of the grade a student will achieve at the end of the course given their current level of working based on assessed work / independent learning tasks/data from STS markbook
Not all courses use markbook in the same way so there will be variations in the number of assignments set

Below are the meanings of the descriptions on the report card of students’ Engagement in Learning and Independent Learning.

Engagement in learning
Excellent Student always highly engaged with learning, demonstrating enthusiasm with the subject, willingness to participate fully, and a strong desire to learn. He/she is resourceful in lessons, uses feedback to improve, collaborates effectively with others, perseveres and shows determination to succeed.
Good Student demonstrates a positive approach to learning and motivation to succeed. He/she shows persistence in most learning situations, learns from mistakes, and collaborates well with others.
Needs to improve Usually responds to teacher directions, but learning can be held back as student may give up too easily on tasks, not learn from mistakes, or not ask relevant questions. Learning may be passive.
Cause for concern Student is a passive and reluctant learner, often unwilling to engage in tasks. He/she may be frequently off-focus in lessons.

Independent learning
Excellent Independent learning tasks are always completed to a high standard. Student demonstrates an ability to reflect effectively on their learning, develop effective ideas, and take a proactive approach to improving understanding and knowledge. Clear evidence of independent study and significant effort outside lessons.
Good Independent learning tasks are usually completed to a good standard. Student demonstrates a growing ability to reflect on their learning and make improvements. Some evidence of independent study and effort outside lessons.
Needs to improve Independent learning tasks are completed infrequently or done to a variable standard. Student needs to reflect more on their learning and use this to make improvements. Student may show little evidence of independent study or effort outside lessons.
Cause for concern Independent learning tasks are rarely completed or done to an unsatisfactory standard. Student may show little or no attempt to reflect on their learning in order to make improvements. Student shows no evidence of independent study or effort outside lessons.
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